Web & Social Media Manager

“My mum bought EVMA when I was two years old, so I suppose you could say I was destined to be part of the business one way or another! I completed the modelling courses, became a teacher for a little while, competed in Miss Country Girl, Miss Universe Australia and have participated in the bi-annual ‘paper on skin’ fashion event in Burnie for the past 8 years. I had a well-deserved break and came back to support EVMA in what is my speciality. With six years experience working in digital media marketing, social media and website design, my skills came in handy to the business-side of En Vogue, rather than the catwalk. Aside from running the digital side of EVMA, I work full-time as an Administration Assistant, write freelance and on my blog, and am an avid book enthusiast. If I’m not behind a computer screen, you will most likely find me tucked behind a good novel.”

Cover image: Tameika Leslie Photography
Content image: Estella Photography + Styling